Over 3000 software engineers that are looking right now

What if you could speak to a candidate just before they're about to interview for your competitor? Now you can.

Thousands of software engineers

Meet the best ones for your role

Rhubarb is home to over 3000 software engineers that are ready for their next role. Find the ones that match exactly the experience and skills you're looking for, and we'll set up the first interview.

High Intent

Match with candidates that are looking for roles right now. Rhubarb can tell you which candidates are looking for a new role now, and who's going to be looking soon.

Well Qualified

Match with candidates that are applying to roles in your industry, at your salary target and the experience level you need.

Well Understood

Find candiates with exactly the skillset and experience you need. No more hours searching on LinkedIn for Ruby devs.

On Demand

No subscription fees, no massive finders fees - we charge a flat fee per intro and leave you to sell your business to the candidate because you do that best.

So how does it work?

Let's say you want to hire a fullstack developer with one to two years of experience. They should have used React before, ideally professionally.

Tell us what you're looking for

Using our platform, you can search for candidates exactly meeting your criteria who are actively looking.

Tell us the skillset and experience you need

We match your requirements against the thousands of software developers in our database. We use their resume, their Github profile, and the jobs they're applying to find the best candidates for you.

See their anonymised profiles

We remove their names and LinkedIn profiles so you can judge your top of funnel just based on their skills and experience.

Pick the ones you want to interview

We'll set up the first interview with the candidate for a flat fee of £250. Then it's up to you to sell your business and land the candidate!

Diverse Talent

Why use Rhubarb for recruitment?

It's really hard

Getting enough diverse talent, especially in tech, is really hard. Using our platform, you can get access to a huge pool of diverse software engineers.

Only anonymised resumes

With Rhubarb, you only see anonymised resumes. So you can be confident you're judging purely on skills and requirements.

Fill your Top of Funnel

We'll tell you what your aggregated top of funnel statistics are, helping you make your hiring process more inclusive.

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